You want to look back on the cruel wars in Vietnam, let 365travel. asia introduces you to a famous historic tourist destination.

Hoa Lo prison with another name Maison Centrale is located in Hoa Lo Street, Ha Noi. It was built in 1896 and named "Central Prison" by French. Located in the heart of Hanoi Capital, the historical relic of Hoa Lo Prison was considered to be a testimony of a period of revolutionary struggle. It is also a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the patriotic Vietnamese who were detained by French colonies in this place. Maison Centrale played a significant role in the enlargement of French colonial exploitation in Vietnam. Many of Vietnam's political prisoners were tortured, abused and killed here. Later, the Vietnamese Northern people used this place to detain the US troops during the American war.

Hoa Lo Prison was located in the most important position in the endeavor to repress dissidents of colonial rule of the French colonialists. Therefore, they built this huge, large and solid-scale prison in Indochina. According to the design in 1896, Hoa Lo Prison was divided into:

1. A house for the guard

2. A house used as a medical center

3. A house with the main function as a hospital

4. Two houses used to confine the accused (not yet convicted)

5. A house used as a factory

6. Five houses for prisoners who were sentenced

7. Four camps for dangerous prisoners and those who contravene prison rules.

Surrounding the prison is a hard and solid stone wall, 4m high, 0.5m thick, on top of the bottle and high voltage wire to prevent prisoners from escaping. There is a 3m wide sidewalk for guards patrolling around the prison area at the foot of the inner wall. Each corner has one guard tower, able to observe the whole of the patrol and around the outside of the prison.

Visitors can see small cells measuring just 1.8 m by 1.8 m with reflectors and mats as sleepers for older prisoners. The windows are usually closed and the cell always crowded. In 1916, the capacity of this prison was only 600 people, but, for many days there were 730 prisoners. By 1933, the prisoners who were detained there increased to 1,430 and in 1954 it had more than 2000 prisoners. In the prison, visitors will see many scary and frightening iron cages with many handiworks, artifacts, and photographs of Vietnamese prisoners with shackles and wooden clasps that can’t move or stand up. Prisoners were often tortured, starved, beaten, abused, and isolated. A guard said, "death is easy but life is hard". In the Vietnam War, US soldiers have satirized the prison as "Hanoi Hilton". Look at the prisoners' net used to maintain their health. In prison, there is a dedicated area for John McCain.

Come here with 365travel.asia to feel the historical space, to feel the anxiety in the face of the severe torture of war.