How to choose accommodation for your sweet honeymoon in Sapa

Sweet honeymoon in Sapa

Honeymoon week is the time for couples to strengthen their love and relationship and leave behind their job to enjoy a simple life. One of the most ideal places for this occasion is Sapa. The following experiences will help you much in choosing a convenient accommodation when coming here.

A hotel with enough furniture will make your honeymoon week more comfortable and enjoyable.

You should keep in mind that this is your vacation, therefore, why you do not excessively invest in it. Let's look for the hotel having massage service, big meals, steamed lake or some interesting activities like holding a honeymoon dinner in a room full of candles, roses, and champagne.

If you are trying to cut down the expense, let find the hotel having a bathtub and a comfortable bed. Make sure that one is affordable for you. Setting an expected budget will make it easier to choose a suitable accommodation.

Making a list of hotels in Sapa and choose the best one

To save your money and time on your honeymoon week, let find the hotel in Sapa which is near the airport, gas station of tourist destinations. Looking for the one located near the center to travel conveniently. Besides, you can also choose a resort which is far from here but having convenient traffic.

On the whole, one thing should not extremely notice is to check the cost of all of the hotels in Sapa before booking as you might get a discount if you book early or in the sale time. Not only will this help you save money but also provide you enough conveniences, helping your honeymoon comfortable and memorable.

Some of the hotel for you to consider

The following hotels are among the top ones:

Bamboo Sapa Hotel: located on the height of 1650m against sea level. From the hotel, couples can get the great view to Hoang Lien Son mountain ranges. You will experience the services of a 3 stars hotel with 46 conveniences. It is 700m far from the center.

Phuong Nam hotel: located in Sapa town, 7km far from Fansipan mountain. From the balcony of the hotel, you can easily take a sight of the around the mountain. This hotel provides you enough modern services.

Eden Boutique hotel: this hotel is appreciated as an excellent one with 51 conveniences, located in Sapa town, 1,5km far from Fansipan suspension cable.

Huong Son Sapa: located in Sapa town with 70 conveniences.

Do you think what will happen if you choose an accommodation which makes you feel annoyed and tired during your honeymoon week? Do not let that time affected by the unprofessional staff or confused organization. Let call and check the hotel you choose before enjoying your time and make sure to bring all the things you have prepared to have an unforgettable trip.

And remember that you only have a honeymoon week. Let carefully prepare to make it a wonderful time in your life.